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Curly Leather Art

Tobacco pouch made of leather with Celtic knots/tobacco pouch leather/rolling tobacco pouch leather/leather tobacco pouch/tobacco pouch personalized/

Tobacco pouch made of leather with Celtic knots/tobacco pouch leather/rolling tobacco pouch leather/leather tobacco pouch/tobacco pouch personalized/

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Pull-up und gewachste Leder sorgen vom ersten Tag an  für einen atemberaubenden Vintage-Look. Schrammen und Kratzern hellen sich auf und bildet einen Kontrast, wodurch die wahre Schönheit und der Charakter dieser Artikel zum Vorschein kommt. 

Es ist wasserabweisend und entwickelt  eine wunderschöne Patina , die Deine Lederartikel zu einem ganz persönlichen Unikat macht. 

Rindsleder / Sattlerleder ist rein vegetabil gegerbt. Das Rindsleder ist dadurch färbbar und lässt sich somit ganz nach deinen individuellen Wünschen gestalten.

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·*~•✦•••❖ FUNCTIONAL. SECURE. HIGH-QUALITY. ❖•••••✦•~*·

The perfect companion for smokers - handmade and high-quality leather tobacco pouch with a Celtic knot.

The leather tobacco pouch is embossed with a Celtic shield knot. A Celtic symbol of protection as it is said to ward off evil spirits.
The intertwined loops with no beginning or end are a symbol of unity, eternity and the continuum of life.

Our tobacco pouches are made from vegetable-tanned cowhide and hand-dyed in your "favourite colour".
Your favorite color not there yet? Write us a message.

It is also possible to personalize the tobacco pouch. Whether a name or initials. Write us a message.

This tobacco pouch is a stylish and functional accessory for everyone who rolls their own cigarettes.

It's also easy to carry, fits in any pocket and is a great choice for anyone who enjoys smoking.
This leather tobacco pouch offers space to store tobacco, paper and other utensils safely and stylishly.

Main compartment for tobacco:
The tobacco compartment is supplemented with a flap at the top. So the upper half of the tobacco packaging can be put into the flap and everything is in the right place.

inner compartment:
The inner compartment is one level in front of the tobacco compartment and can be used in many ways, e.g. for filters, papers, lighters, etc...

Rolling Papers Tray:
The tobacco papers are well fixed! To allow for easier replacement, the left and right sides of the tray have been left free so that the pack of paper can be easily pushed through.

The color of the seam can be chosen freely.

The bag is folded and closed with a leather strap.

The production time is approx. 3 - 5 working days.
Your patience will be rewarded with a real personalized tobacco pouch.

You can find even more tobacco pouches in different designs and colors or to design them yourself here:

·*~•✦•••❖ Dimensions ❖•••••✦•~*·

approx. 16 x 8 x 3cm (folded)

·*~•✦•••❖ Advantages of leather ❖•••••✦•~*·

* Each manufactured piece is UNIKAT
* Natural material
* Coloring always unique
* Wearing and using will make it more beautiful
* Very durable and tear resistant
* skin-friendly and skin-friendly

·*~•✦•••❖ Handmade ❖•••••✦•~*·

All items are handmade by me in my small studio.

·*~•✦•••❖ The nature of handwork ❖•••••✦•~*·

While I endeavor to make as close to the product photo as possible, no two pieces will be exactly alike.
Leather is a natural material and you can expect variations in color and grain, discoloration or other slight imperfections. These marks serve as proof of its authenticity and give each piece its UNIQUENESS.

·*~•✦•••❖ Visit me on ❖•••••✦•~*·


For an individual order or questions about the article, I look forward to a message.

Please note that due to different monitor settings, the colors can sometimes differ from the picture.

Stated prices are total prices. Sales tax is not shown due to small business status according to § 19 UStG.

Materials: vegetable tanned cowhide
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